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About a month ago while looking at a piano we were interested in purchasing from a friend, we noticed how sweet and cute her cat was. It planted a little seed of an idea, which has since grown much bigger -- so big that as of next Tuesday we will be proud parents of two little kittens!

I've always considered myself a dog person -- there was always a dog in my life as I was growing up, and I would never have considered getting a cat. After purchasing a house I assumed we'd get a dog one day, but it took a number of years to realize that our lifestyle is not dog-friendly. What dog wants to sit at home alone from 8:00am to 6:00pm during the week? I always thought it would be "dog or nothing," and then it hit me that at this rate it would be "nothing." It was after this realization and meeting my friend's cat that I began to think, "I could love a cat!...?"

We began browsing rescue animals on Petfinder, and I visited one of the adoption days at a local pet store, keeping an eye out for the right fit for us. One thing I learned early on is that although cats are more solitary by nature, even they would prefer companionship during the day while we were gone. And suddenly, we were looking at acquiring TWO cats (how much extra work could an additional cat be?)! Jonas found a couple kittens at Secondhand Hounds that he was interested in, so we filled out an application and arranged for a Meet & Greet with the person who was fostering them.

We fell in love with the little guys right away upon meeting them, and Kajsa was beside herself with excitement. (She did not know at this point why we were visiting the kittens.) We showed her how to gently pet them, play with them, and speak calmly so that they wouldn't get startled. They were quite friendly -- born in captivity, but their mother was a stray. We left the meeting feeling like they were perfect for us -- but alas! Now the waiting game was to begin, for we weren't the only interested party and the decision about who would get to adopt would be up to the foster after conducting separate Meet & Greets with all of us.

Jonas was confident that we'd be chosen. I was hopeful but didn't want to get my hopes up. The next day we received the good news: we were selected to adopt the kittens! Elation! Now the fun part: Although we didn't initially intend for it to coincide, Kajsa's 3rd birthday is next Wednesday, and we have the choice to pick up the kittens as early as Sunday. The plan now is to pick up the kittens Tuesday evening after she has gone to bed, and then surprise her with them Wednesday morning -- not so much as a gift for her, but to make the day that much more magical. That you never know what kinds of special things might happen on your birthday -- like kittens coming to live in your house!

I of course now have kittens on the brain, and probably won't be able to sit still for the next five days.



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Feb. 1st, 2013 06:35 pm (UTC)
This is pretty darling. Good luck! Cats are a lot of fun & with training, can become a lot like dogs!
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