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By Julia, age 17

I was just leafing through some old (old!) schoolwork, and found some theses from composition class, circa 1993. I don't even remember writing this particular paper, and my fingers itch to improve deficiencies my 37-year-old eyes detect today, but I'm sure pleased to see that I was open-minded and progressive at the tender age of 17.

Props to Mr. McHale for assigning this topic twenty years ago!

Hot Debate

The acceptance of gay and lesbian positions in society, in general, has been debated in several areas. Some of these include gays in the military, the extension of health and insurance benefits to gay and lesbian relationships, and gays and religious ministry. It seems, however, that the most controversial aspect of these issues is the debate of gay and lesbian parenthood. The argument in this case is whether it is valid for gay and lesbian couples to raise children. Same-sex parenting is a legitimate form of family life.

Admittedly, the children involved in such a relationship would most certainly be subject to taunting and teasing by their peers at school and even by many adults. Children have always been known for being outrageously cruel to others who are different in some way from themselves. Many ignorant adults, too, ridicule children because of what their parents believe or do. Numerous individuals believe that this treatment will be emotionally scarring. However, children have always teased and always will tease other children. A child of gay parents would be just another object of ridicule in a never-ending line. Also, children exposed to conflict when young may be better equipped to deal with it when it is present as they become older. It could be considered a learning experience that makes the children more mature as adolescents and adults.

Another reason in support of the thesis is the increasing diversity in the world day by day. In order that young children grow up not prejudiced in any fashion, especially racially and sexually, they must not be shielded from true society. The world and its communities are continually changing. Many ideas of today, such as women in the workplace and racial equality, would have been quite shocking perhaps a couple of hundred years ago. Through the years, people have become less ignorant and more accepting of the changes time has brought. Now virtually no one gives a second thought to having a woman as a co-worker or boss, and racial equality has certainly improved immensely. It is just a matter of time before the homosexual controversy is a thing of the past and new, seemingly disturbing issues take its place, each, in turn, making society even more diversified. Preparing children for their lives, in which they will associate with people of all races and sexual orientations, will surely enable them to be successful.

Perhaps the strongest reason in support of the thesis is that two gay persons can love each other and their children enough to provide a healthy environment. The most important aspect of a family is the love the members have for one another, be it man-woman-child, a woman-woman-child or a man-man-child family. The children, in turn, of course, would reciprocate the love they receive. How could a child feel anything but love and admiration for those who raise him? If the family life is certain to be a stable one, there is no reason gays should be discouraged from raising a family.

In conclusion, gay and lesbian parenting can be a valid manner in which to raise a family.


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